No way he’s eating like this!

No way he’s eating like this!


I got the job three months ago and it’s much better then the one I had before this one. I’m satisfied.

One of the things that’s better on the new job is that I’m in the office with an intern.

On my last job I shared office with three people.

Women in her thirties. We didn’t match because we were so different. We get along and that’s it. In the beginning of our working day we drunk coffee. No problem there. Problems were when she was getting ready to eat. We had a half an hour long break during the working day. Did she eat during that break? No. She liked to eat in the office, before the break. Every time when her hand was starting to reach that drawer I would be automatically pissed of! (Is this kind of language permitted online?) I knew what is going to happen in the next half an hour. She’ll eat in the office! And she’ll eat in the next half an hour! She always took her time!

What she ate is a different story, office would be filled with smells in a second. Well, that’s not that big a deal for me. My desk was next to window, I would open it immediately when she was preparing to eat. The big deal for me was her eating. She is a smacker! Omg! Every day, every breakfast she had, every word she said during that meal would hurt my brain and body. I could easily put up with some kind of other torturing, but please, please would you eat during the brake!? And not around me!

Other guy in the office was bothered by her eating, but he minded the smell of the food in the office. I kind of agree with him, not wanting him to know what my real reasons are. Two of us made a deal to tell her that she is not suppose to eat in the office. We said that to her very politely.  Like she cared!? The next day, she ate canned fish!

In one period of time she was pregnant. Actually, her pregnancy started just few months before mine did. So I knew what I’m faced with. I expected that heavily breathing when pregnancy evolves. And heavily breathing did come, of course.

Honestly I felt like a shit. I’m being bothered by the breathing of a pregnant women!? And on top of that I’ll also be very soon breathing like that! Awful! What an awful person I am!? Oh my God, what about when she was breathing like that and eating and smacking at the same time! Could somebody just shoot me!?

Pretty soon I had to go on the pregnancy leave so that torture lasted maybe for a couple of months.

All in all, I had to put up with her on a daily basis. Her eating just enhance my intolerance towards her. I didn’t mind though, as I said, we’re just too different to begin with.

Now, to the present…Thanks God for sending me this intern!

We sit one across another. He’s 24 years old guy, a bit quiet and not so outgoing. I find him a bit strange to be honest.

I switched our monitors when he was out of the office. When he came back he didn’t say a thing, I asked him, told him about it and he was strangely calm about it. I didn’t do any harm to him, his computer is better then mine and that bad monitor looks better attached to his computer but still, his absence of any kind of reaction is a bit difficult to comprehend.

He doesn’t speak much and he is often somewhere else, not the office. Sometimes the whole day passes by without much of words exchanged between us. I like the silence and I like him.

One of the reasons for liking him is that we both do mind light switched on where there’s no need for that. As soon as the light in office become acceptable we switch the light off. He’s not eating snacks and rarely eats candies.

The reason I like him the most and I’m sorry for not being with him when we move in the new building is that he eats like no one else has been eating before! It’s beyond unbelievable! I couldn’t ever imagined that someone would eat like that.

Could you believe me if I tell you that I sometimes don’t even notice that he’s eating an apple!? Yes, he’s eating an apple like it’s not the apple at all. I don’t hear him while eating! I’ve never ever ever met someone I couldn’t hear while eating.

When I caught him eating an apple, I was shocked for not hearing that. Then I noticed his behavior when eating. I can’t tell where or  where from he takes apples. I can’t see or hear his movements. He bends his whole body and folds his arms behind his computer so I can’t see him. I can’t even see his hair behind his computer. He is hiding while he eats. He must have Misophonia or something …

I could borrow him a bit, just to make sure I’m not exaggerating. But you have to send him back. He’s my little treasure :)

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I love photography and learning about it. I'll try and fail that's for sure, but sometimes, I hope, I'll do good. As for the Misophonia part of the blog, I'll write honestly about my experiences and feelings, trying to help myself and others who feel the same way as I do and maybe to raise some awareness about this condition. All written here is just and only my opinion.

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