Laughed and cried

This whole messaging with Leonore is a perfect intro for explaining what misophonia really is. I feel like she’s holding my hand and helping me to write about all this :)

In one of her messages she described a lunch she had with her co-worker…

“I had lunch with a co-worker and friend today. I managed to distract myself by having a crunchy salad, but then I was finished and she took out a banana. My boyfriend understands this about me but no one else really gets it – even if they are ‘sympathetic’ – so it’s as much of a relief for me that I can say something like, “She took out a banana” and someone else will actually understand how I felt at that moment!”

I know, and I understand that almost anyone who read this wont react anyhow except: “What?I don’t get it?” It’s ok really. It can’t be explained. Just go to some photography related stuff here :)

I read it and I started to lough out loud! I couldn’t stop. It was my first time to hear about experience similar as mine!

After laughing I started to cry. I realized that it was my first time. It was liberating, real, with tears, wonderful cry. Someone gets me! I was happy!

Do you know how huge this was!?

Probably not… but… imagine that trough your whole life, and every single day you thought that you are an obnoxious, redundant and awful person! I accepted myself as being that kind of person and after all these years I learned that those feelings can’t be fought! But one day, all of the sudden someone comes and say: “Hey, I get it! I really do!”

There are just few experiences in life one remember vividly. Those experiences usually refer to moments of pure happiness when something huge happens. This was one of those moments for me.

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I love photography and learning about it. I'll try and fail that's for sure, but sometimes, I hope, I'll do good. As for the Misophonia part of the blog, I'll write honestly about my experiences and feelings, trying to help myself and others who feel the same way as I do and maybe to raise some awareness about this condition. All written here is just and only my opinion.

2 Responses to “Laughed and cried”

  1. Karen Pannabecker December 15, 2014 - Reply

    Oh my, yes, I can experience that banana eater with her. I laughed through this post probably much like you laughed when you read Leonore’s message.

    • mmaria December 15, 2014 - Reply

      I haven’t thought about this in a while. Thanks for reminding me :)
      I can still feel the relief I felt at that moment. After that banana is not just a fruit for me.
      Thanks Karen!

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