Misophonia literary means ” the hatred of sound”, it’s been called also as Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome and some more.

Well, of course you can go to f.e. Misophonia on Wikipedia and get an idea about what I’m really talking about. There are some more detailed websites which can give you more information. But for those who are here for a different reason let me just say what Misophonia is in few simple words.

Scientists say that Misophonia is caused by some abnormality connections in the brain.

Those who suffer from it would say that some ordinary, everyday noises trigger an avalanche of bad feelings that can’t be prevented or stopped. It can be also described as an extreme intolerance to some specific sounds.

People who live with us or spend a fair amount of time with us, will probably tell you how hard that is, because those sounds we can’t stand are sounds that are happening every day, no matter where and who we areĀ with.

We experience involuntary reactions of anger, rage, disgust, anxiety and else when hearing someone eats, yawns, chews, drink, breath, snore and much more then I can think of this moment.

Sound silly, stupid, funny perhaps, but trust me when you are living with misophonia it’s not funny at all.

Cause? Not known.

Cure? Doesn’t exist.

Life with Misophonia? Could you, please, turn the sounds down!?

All my life I was thinking how bad am I as a person and a human been because I let those sounds get me.

What can we do to stop this? Nothing really.

Can we stop breathing? eating? yawning?

I’m writing this blog because the discovery that I’m not the only one made my life so much easier.

About my reaction when I found out that my problem has a name itself and that another person feels the same way, you can read in this blog. How Misophonia feels and looks like you can see here.

I hope I’ll meet more people who know what I’m talking about. Just keeping each other company makes things easier.

Even if I don’t meet anyone, the purpose of this blog will be achieved. It’s a therapy for me.

For the rest of you, I hope you’ll stick around because we have some Photography stuff to talk about. Just click on Photography category and no more Misophonia for you.