In a wonderful way, photography saved me.

Half of my life I lived in another country. I came back in my home town because I got married for a guy who lives here.

I was aware what will happen with me in this small town, nevertheless I choose that life. Problems came shortly after moving. I had nothing to do here. I had no friends and no proper job.

I left a large town, busy life, lots of friends, happenings and strangers on the street. I got nature, silence in the air, lack of everything I’m used to and people who think they know who I am just by knowing who my parents are.

I was trying to assimilate with the surroundings for a while , to socialize with some people but I couldn’t do it properly. Yeah, I’m taking all the blame for that I realize, better be with yourself then with anyone. Being alone is not the same as being  lonely, you know?

I had to do something with myself…

That was the time when Photography became a part of my life.

Few years ago when I was in Japan a colleague bought me a DSLR. He’s into technology so he knows better, I thought. He bought me an Olympus e520 because of their great optics . I used that camera since, thinking that it’s not the camera, it’s the photographer.

I’ll have to say: Thank you my Oly, you helped me trough my wonderful learning path!

That camera is a restraining little piece of DSLR, but because of that I was pushed to learn much more then I would learn if I had a better camera. At least that’s my way of thinking about the whole experience.

I bought a Canon 6D.

So, that would be about cameras. I shoot natural light or however you call it. I don’t like flash and for those who will say that I don’t like flash because I don’t know how to use it, I would say: You’re right! I don’t know how to use it and I don’t want to learn. Maybe I will some day, but really, I don’t like the feel of light produced by a flash and have no desire to introduce it in my photography. My interests don’t demand flash.

Here you’ll find photos of:

- Children. I’m mom. That’s self explanatory, isn’t it?

- Nature. I’m surrounded by all this nature and it’s natural that I’m drawn to it.

-Food. I had a difficult pregnancy and was stuck inside of the house for a few months. I like to cook and one day I just started to learn about food photography.

- People. It’s sort of a challenge for me to present a truth in a person.

-Documentary. This is where my heart and soul is. I want to be able to show the world how and where some people live. Would I make any difference? I doubt it. But something inside of me keeps me trying.