For meat lovers, Venison stew

For meat lovers, Venison stew

M, my husband’s friend was making a venison stew on Sunday in the same place as he was making Vegetables can be for everyone . Of course, before making the stew and after they were fly fishing. M’s wife was helping him prepare ingredients.

For the most part they spare me the work because they know I have limited time available, so I usually come when they are over with preparation. I do help from time to time (but, honestly, nothing much, and I really enjoy)  and I’m very grateful to them for understanding my situation.

I came when all was over.

flyfishing_210614_0011 (Medium)

 Even though they know I don’t eat meat, they  invited me to try the stew, because it’s really about hanging out together, not about the actual eating.

After explaining them for who knows how many times so far, that I really can’t eat the stew, I promised that I’ll try it at least. I told them I’ll be completely satisfied if I get the picture or two of that  stew. It would be just as the same as I ate it.

flyfishing_210614_0012 (Medium)

They don’t mind me taking the pictures and trying to arrange the dish as quickly as possible. I can see on their faces that they don’t understand me but nevertheless they’re extremely tolerant towards me and vice versa. I’m trying to be very quick and let them eat in peace.

flyfishing_210614_0023 (Medium)

M wasn’t giving up on me, and no matter I was telling him that I really can’t eat,  he pour me the plate… which I photographed, of course.

flyfishing_210614_0035 (Medium)

The plate has served its purpose and it was time to move on ;) 

flyfishing_210614_0026 (Medium)

So, this is an ordinary plate of a fly fisher before he gets in the water… You can’t eat such a strong dish, without our strong schnapps. (and yes, I’m aware of the fact that the brighter side of the bread is almost completely blown out)

flyfishing_210614_0030 (Medium)

While they were eating their venison stew and pouring some more and more, I was eating a home made bread. I just love the thick crust of a home made bread. I had to photograph that too.

flyfishing_210614_0037 (Medium)

I really enjoy photographing food, and particularly when it’s about the food that is prepared outside (like documentary, non that much staged photographs), because it doesn’t involve lots of preparation for the shots.  I just don’t have the patience needed for the food photography in this particular period of time.

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