Not planned – a Restourant

Not planned – a Restourant

This is a restaurant we, as a family, often visit.

The manager of the place is a friend of my husband and a fellow fly fisher. When we meet it’s always about fly fishing. Two of them talk, talk and talk… about equipment, flies, materials, groups of fly fishers that are coming these days and so on…

260314_0529 (Large)

He (the manager and a friend, let’s call him Z) saw my camera in one of the occasions when we were at the restaurant, and just because I have that great camera he asked me to take some photos in the restaurant. Because of various friendly related reasons I said ok. I’ll, with my hb and kids visit that restaurant after my work and while I will be taking pictures the two of them will be taking care of the kids. That was the deal.

260314_0537 (Large)

The day we managed to go there was dull and rainy.The light in the restaurant and the light from the outside were competing. I photographed areas where there were no my kids and waiters there (mostly the second floor). I’ll be certainly coming again for more shots.

260314_0587 (Large)

I showed him a photo on the camera and he was ecstatic. He wants all the photos I take. No matter if I don’t like them, he’ll like them all. He wants me to photograph the rooms, the bungalows and all the area around (the restaurant is just a part of a touristic complex) Everything…. and for marketing purposes. Flyers, website, fb page etc…

260314_0594 (Large)

They don’t have any of the photographs taken for that restaurant, except some snapshots. So my photographs are the best they got and most likely they’ll stay the best for quite some time.

I described his view and, the view of the most people there, I guess.

260314_0593 (Large)

From my point of view… Some photographs have more noise then they should. The time of the day was not ideal. I see issues he or some other average person doesn’t see. The biggest criteria for him is probably that those pictures were taken with an awesome camera.

260314_0561 (Large)
Should I be flattered because of the fact that my camera takes good photographs?  He doesn’t see lines, shapes, composition, the way I took those photographs. Do I care? No, I really don’t. 6D is an awesome camera ;)

260314_0566 (Large)

The photo above went trough severe noise reduction… and I repeat here, 6D is an awesome camera. Considering light conditions there I was pretty impressed with the results I got.

He wanted me to give him every photo I took. I told him I’l give him about 10. I gave him 12.

260314_0620 (Large)

While I was photographing Z took care of my kids. He doesn’t have his own so I was surprised how well he handled two toddlers. Half of the time they followed me while he was explaining them what their mother is doing right now.

260314_0627 (Large)

The most appealing and the most loved sound of mine is the sound of fire. I don’t know if you ever payed attention to the sound of fire, and if you didn’t you should. It’s so relaxing, calming and pleasant.

I just couldn’t not to take a shot of the fireplace.

260314_0520 (Large)

We agreed that I should take photographs of the whole touristic complex but I explained taht I’ll be doing that only under my conditions. I’ll choose the time of the day, there won’t be my kids running around, I’ll be taking some food photographs, some detail shots and so on.

I could say I’m pleased with photographs I took because nothing was really under my control. I tried my best under those certain conditions. If I could chose the conditions and everything else I would done something differently.

Well, next time… as soon as I get some free time…

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I love photography and learning about it. I'll try and fail that's for sure, but sometimes, I hope, I'll do good. As for the Misophonia part of the blog, I'll write honestly about my experiences and feelings, trying to help myself and others who feel the same way as I do and maybe to raise some awareness about this condition. All written here is just and only my opinion.

2 Responses to “Not planned – a Restourant”

  1. Bonnie June 17, 2014 - Reply

    You got some nice shots in. I can see why he was pleased. My favorites are of the drummer statue and the first shot. Looks like a interesting place to tour.

    • mmaria June 17, 2014 - Reply

      Yes, it’s a really interesting place. Terrace and walking path of the restaurant are also nice, right next to river. Actually, the whole touristic complex is beautiful.
      I wish I had some free time to shoot there. I think, I couldn’t do it just for a day.
      However, if I, some day shoot more, I’ll post pictures here.

      Thanks for commenting :)

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