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The first shared words about misophonia

The first shared words about misophonia

I’ve decided to copy the message I sent to Leonore, she introduced me to misophonia, because those are the first words I’ve ever written about misophonia and I doubt that I could write better now about my first impressions. Before I post my message, I just want to say that I feel a bit weird now, because my current feelings stopped me from this just a minute job of copying…

Legitimate freak!

I found an interesting photography forum and joined in September 2013. After a while someone posted a thread with the question “Things that grosses you out?” There were all sorts of replies and Leonore replied: “Hearing people chew. And not just the obvious open-mouth, lip-smacking kind of chewing, either. Even when someone is trying to be quiet, I can still hear it. I find it to be so disturbing that…

Welcome to my blog!

Wander around a bit, maybe you’ll find that we share some feelings and have some mutual interests. You’re more then welcome to write your opinions, agreements or disagreements, experiences and else and to ask me whatever you want to know that I could help you with. Hope I’ll see you again!