Vegetables can be for everyone

Vegetables can be for everyone

I actually wrote this in April and didn’t publish it…

My birthday was a month ago, and so was the opening of the official fly fishing season. We planned to, kind of, put those two together and make some barbecue. The place were they went (I joined them later) didn’t have bbq but did have -see pictures-  don’t know how to translate that in English…

They brought a tone of meat (pork and chicken) and sausages. When I came, I brought a tone of vegetables.

I always have problems when it comes to those situations. I don’t eat pork/sausages/meat products. I rarely will eat any kind of meat. I do eat fish though.
Everyone I’m surrounded with eats meat, and we always try to make some compromise or I don’t say a thing but wont eat anything (that’s worse, trust me- they translate that to – me not have the respect for food)

M, who planned to prepare food, planned to prepare meat. When I brought vegetables (onions, potatoes, paprika, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, tomatoes, cabbage, and mushrooms) he was stunned, what we we’ll do with all that? I explained him – of course, he forgot I don’t eat meat … but he never prepared vegetables in this way before… I wanted to take them all to the restaurant… he didn’t want to… he’ll prepare vegetables with a bit of chicken and after that he’ll prepare them pork… he’ll do this for me because it’s my birthday… etc…
M’s wife and I did the chopping, cleaning veggies etc and he did the rest.

I’m not sure do you know about/have this way of preparing the food and that’s way I decided to post this.

See the image above and these two bellow show you how it have been prepared.

010314_0196 (Large)

010314_0194 (Large)

We make pies like this… but mostly meat. What ever is in that tray is roasted slowly. They put hot coals on the lid and bellow the tray and carefully watch the temperature and change coal accordingly.

Finished product

010314_0217 (Large)


I can’t even recall when I started to exclude meat. I simply never like it/needed it but, I did eat it. They say that 0 positive type of blood wants meat, but it’s totally not true with me.
In one point of my life I had severe chronic gastritis and simply had to change my diet. If I start to write what else I don’t eat or drink I would write a lot…

I’m surrounded by people who eat a lot of meat, and that also mean that 99% of everyone I know thinks that you can’t get a decent meal without the meat. Every occasion, celebration etc is with various kinds of meat.

It’s ok, of course, it’s their choice.

I’m dealing with their judgement, “fake parenting”, and all sorts of comment for years and almost in a daily basis. I’m used to it. When I say: “I don’t eat meat” they’re shocked or don’t even register and they continue to persuade me with the plate of meat in front of my face. They make all sorts of grimaces etc. When I say: “I can’t eat meat, because of my health issues” they say “Nothing will happen if you take just this piece.”

I’m used to their behavior, and I do bring vegetables when we’re going somewhere. But, when I’m going to be a guest in someone’s house bringing my food is not the option.

We also don’t have a decent restaurant that makes vegetables meals. Meat, meat and some more meat. I always ask the chef to come up with something for me. It’s interesting, after offering me meat they usually ask “Would you like some french fries and salad?” Well… I rarely eat french fries… “Would you like some wine?” Well… I don’t drink alcohol….

Salad is a savior but I’m still hungry no matter how much salad I eat  I, kind of, eat a lot…Thanks God for my genes!

And… as I’m already speaking about my eating habits…

I also don’t eat snacks, like chips f.e, some kinds of candy, I don’t chew gym and much more then I can’t write… I don’t tolerate lots of additives in any kind of food. I also have a pronounced sense of smell and taste which an be very helpful sometimes, and sometimes very annoying.
It’s interesting because I don’t taste my food when preparing, I smell it and know when it’s done or need some spices or what else.
It’s annoying because I’m so picky. I ate fish pretty regularly, in restaurants or bought somewhere and then prepared at home, but when I got married and tried brown trout or grayling from the purest rivers, I couldn’t eat what I mentioned anymore.

Just yesterday I ate lots of unhealthy food. I’ve been very busy these days and bought myself snacks and sweets to eat in the office while working (don’t usually do that) and… last night I had stomach pain not like gastritis but it was a strong pain and it lasted…

I just can’t eat some food…nor I want in majority of cases, but then, sometimes I ‘ll do something stupid like what I did yesterday and I have to pay for that.

Back to veggies … Have I said that M never prepared vegetables like this (meat always) but he and my hb were the firsts to try it.

010314_0222 (Large)

 Needless to say that they didn’t make any pork that day. They were enjoying their vegetables! Their comments afterwards were funny.

Yes! Eat vegetables! Veggies can be fun! Be healthy! ;)

and… I completely forgot to add…

After eating vegetables you feel so light and can play like a child 

010314_0210 (Large)

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