Just a bit of fly fishing II

Just a bit of fly fishing II

Ok… so… I got almost three hours of free time this Sunday! Omg, the whole three hours! I was so happy for “going somewhere and not doing anything except occasionally snapping some shots and resting my body and soul”…

For those who have some free time daily, I so envy you!

I  wanted to spend some time with fly fishers. So in addition to Just a bit of fly fishing I’m writing a bit more.

The thing is… I have no proper lens for capturing them so I have to adjust myself and my shooting to the lens I have. That means capturing them in a certain way and praying that they don’t go further in the water because 40 mm don’t give me the chance to capture them while they’re in the water and me standing on the riverbank.

flyfishing_210614_0048 (Medium)

Every time I shoot a fly fisher some funny things happen. This time, just a minute after he spent in the water , he caught a “funny size”  trout :) Funny, meaning “too small” and “too cute” for me. 

flyfishing_210614_0054 (Medium)

There were a few other fly fishers around and instantly you could hear their characteristic jokes about the size of the caught fish.

Because he went deeper in the water and moved himself upstream, I wasn’t able to photograph more of him, so I went to the other riverbank.

I was trying to capture them all in the water, standing on the bridge, no matter that they looked like a tiny almost non recognizable fly fishers in the water. I don’t think that photo is worthy of going trough edit, but I edited it anyway.

flyfishing_210614_0075 (Small)

I asked if the fly fisher #2 ( I didn’t even get his name, or introduced myself.. . not nice of me ) mind me taking a few shots while he’s doing whatever he’s doing, he said: “No, go ahead.”

flyfishing_210614_0081 (Medium)

Shooting backlit in his case, brought me lots of editing troubles. I’m still not satisfied with this outcome, but… well.. . I’ll post it anyway. Fly fishers don’t really know about my troubles… Or I might be completely wrong!?

I placed myself on the other side and took a few shots from there. He asked me: “What camera is that? It looks like a Nikon 7d.” Oh, hm… he’s a Nikonian… hm… and out of all fly fishers there I messed up his photos!?…

Just kidding, I have no issues with brands of any kind. If I wasn’t clear enough I’ll say, I don’t care about brands!

flyfishing_210614_0084 (Medium)

Shooting from this other side, fixed issues but he’s further in the frame.

I left him and that part of the river and went home.

On my way to home, I stopped by a small bridge wanting to take a shot from it, but the shots were useless. While standing on the bridge I saw two fly fishers and decided to approach to one of them.

“Hi” and “Do you mind if I take a picture or two?” No, he doesn’t mind. The bank was completely in mud and I was in sneakers. But, really, a photographer’s gotta do what photographer’s gotta do! Wet sneakers? So what!

This time I didn’t forget to introduce myself first. 

flyfishing_210614_0142 (Medium)

I was so concerned that I’m interrupting him and bothering him, but, on the contrary, he was nice, funny and easy to talk to. Later, when checking the website he mentioned, I realized that he likes to be on that side of the camera. Too bad I didn’t know that earlier, because I would pose him and took some time. 

This way, I was hurrying to get a few shots as quickly as possible and get out of his site, because “Man’s fishing, leave him alone!”

In those couple of minutes, one trout decided to be photographed.

flyfishing_210614_0138 (Medium)

I asked: “Is it big enough for photographing?”

Paul: “You can make it bigger?”

I: “But then, that would mean that you’re better fly fisher than you really are.”

Just kidding, because the guy is a casting instructor and obviously knows what he’s doing.


flyfishing_210614_0140 (Medium)

Nice to meet you Paul. I hope you’ll be satisfied with the pictures.

And, no, I didn’t make the trout bigger. :)

If we ever meet again, I’ll take some more time and pose him the way I want (if he agrees of course).

If you’re a fly fisher, you can find Paul, some evidence that he did catch bigger fish while fly fishing and as it seems, lots of good fly fishing advices here www.sexyloops.com. ( at first I thought I didn’t hear it well “sexy loops”  but yeah, it’s true)

Eta: Because I didn’t find the way to comment on his website, I just had to quote what he wrote there ” I did ask her to photoshop my trout larger, but it seems she made it smaller!” He blamed me!!! hm…hm…. *opening Photoshop and adding something funny on his pictures* ;)

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  1. Teresa Lies July 10, 2014 - Reply

    Love the pictures! I want so badly to learn to fly fish. It just looks so graceful. And PEACEFUL!

  2. mmaria July 11, 2014 - Reply

    Yes, exactly :) I think you should try at least… They all say how fly fishing is a good sport to be involved in because of its influence on mind and soul :)

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