About me

What to say, really?

I have always had problems with defining myself in just a few words. It can’t be done. Neither of us is that simple to introduce themselves in a few words.

We are all much more then words can describe.

I’m a mom of two, a wife, an engineer, a photographer… But if you ask me what you should know about me I tell you ┬áthat I enjoy small things that can’t be paid (except photography. Don’t judge me ;)).

I’ve been writing since I was a child. Writing helped me, more then anything else, in overcoming some difficult situations and emotions in my life. Am I good at it? Probably not, but bare with me. I try to say my point of view in simple comprehesive ways.

Also, don’t mind my grammar too much, ┬ámy English is self thought.

One day, I just stopped to write, don’t know how and when but writing simply vanish from my life.

Did miss it? Yes.
Did I want to write? Yes
Did I do it? No

Recently, after the photography forum and Misophonia discovery I felt a strong need to write.

Funny, I’ve discover Misophonia on a photography forum :) Few posts and replies and it was clear. I had to write again.