Hard Rock Cafe, Brussels

Hard Rock Cafe, Brussels

There’s no chance on the Earth that we could find this Hard Rock Cafe if we didn’t have someone who’s already been there and knew where are we going. The reason why we probably wouldn’t notice it was because of the work they’ve been doing on their facade and there was a huge canvas for protection of people passing by, no sign or anything that say “this is Hard Rock Cafe” or anything at all. I’ll go trough my photos to see if there is one to show you how that looked like.

As soon as we entered, a waiter approached to us and took us on the second floor. My colleagues immediately started to talk about which cocktails they’ll be drinking while I was touring around and taking some pictures… of course.

The first thing I noticed there was the huge pile of guitars hanging without any order but within the enormous frame. It was awesome! (I sound like a teenager, awesome!) (the photo above) That one was the hardest to figure out. I was trying to find the spot from where I can show what I wanted to capture. I needed to compose it in a way so you could see how huge it was and to include more of the cafe. 

I was on the second floor and in front of me there was a glass fence. I couldn’t crouch because I would shoot trough the fence then and the line that goes trough that fence.
Shooting from the first floor and other places didn’t work out because I couldn’t capture- find something you can compare with how big that frame of guitars is and I didn’t want to shoot it from bellow.

The couple having dinner in the floor bellow was a great balancing tool… and I just love framing within frames.

From the same spot I was standing when I took that picture, I took this one also.

brussels_080414_0731 (Large)

See that glass fence on the left? I had to bend over it pretty much, while balancing my body and paying attention to the photograph itself, it shouldn’t be crooked in any way

Interesting about that is the fact that I’m afraid of heights, like really afraid… but somehow when I have a camera in my hands I don’t feel uncomfortable or anything because I’m thinking about the lines and shapes and how to capture them. As soon as I capture a scene or whatever I immediately feel that fear and I back off as soon as possible.
Being that close to the glass fence, leaning on it gently, wouldn’t be possible without the camera and me wanting to take the shot. Even now, when I remember that exact moment I get that strange gut feeling.

brussels_080414_0734 (Large)

The girls were all about “who’s married, who’s not, who has children/boyfriend, who hasn’t…”, I was all about Veggie sandwich and what else to shoot!

I took this one (photo above) from the place I was sitting and this one bellow and let the camera rest.

I decided to participate in a conversation and eat! I was hungry! I spent next few minutes talking with the waiter about my veggie choice… we just couldn’t agree about it. He recommends this and that and I don’t like this and that. I didn’t want the sandwich because there were not much of vegetables there and two large pieces of bread were too much for me to eat that late…  The result or the choice or the veggie sandwich was actually surprisingly good and it turned out to be one of the best meals I had in Brussels. But… on the other hand, even after I ate it, I was still hungry and the amount of vegetables there was too small to be even noticed… There, I said it! And I have a picture to prove it! Do you see any vegetables here?

brussels_080414_0736 (Large)

I took just a few pictures there and after those few pictures I didn’t feel comfortable with “a tourist capturing everything” look on me.

brussels_080414_0729 (Large)

Photographically speaking the light was awful.  All of these pictures went trough some noise reduction, but still   6D proved its light capabilities one more time.

Because I’m always talking about how equipment doesn’t matter, these pictures are really an example of  “the gear does matter”. Hate to say it but without an adequate camera in that specific conditions, I certainly wouldn’t be able to capture these.

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