Palace of Justice, Brussels

Palace of Justice, Brussels

One of the places I visited in Brussels was the Palace of Justice. It’s a magnificent building and a magnificent architecture.

The building wasn’t possible to photograph decently for the short amount of time I had available and with what I had in my hands.

For this day shots I was just passing by, trying to go from point A to point B as quickly as possible. The first day I passed by it without actually knowing what is it. I snapped just this, trying to capture the peak but, it wasn’t possible.

brussels_090414_0543 (Large)

As I found out later, when I payed more attention, that was just a tiny part of the building. The day after Patrick explained a bit about the building I snapped few pictures trying to convey how huge it was. I must admit that it wasn’t successful but at least you’ll get a bit of the feeling of how big it was.

brussels_100414_0219 (Large)

I have to say that even if I had more time than I did, I wouldn’t be able to capture everything I want. The place is just too big! I couldn’t tell, where it starts, where it ends (in horizontal way of seeing the building). It’s just, numerous entrances from three sides I could approach… It was  beautiful and at the same time overwhelming.

brussels_090414_0548 (Large)

 Patrick told me that we can enter in there. I meant. “No way!” I was so excited.

And inside of the Palace….

It was late. The light was terrible but nothing spoiled my impressions. I think I was like a little child. I gave my camera and Patrick took this “tourist shot” of me.

brussels_090414_0677 (Large)

When I handed over the camera, it crossed my mind how nice was the fact that I don’t need to explain how dslr function and what he should capture. Just so you know, strange things happen when I give dslr to people who don’t know about photography. Patrick being a photographer was great, he knows what needs to be done.

Can you tell that the “thinking guy” is hiding my purse and a Belgian waffle? ;)

When we climbed the stairs, we saw them… I kind of found them disrespectful. Yes. I know I know… I was just excited and happy being there and there they were, smoking and drinking in this kind of a building… well… that’s just my opinion…

brussels_090414_0682 (Large)

In the photo above you can see the lower part of the Palace and in the photo bellow, upper part of the Palace.

I sound myself like a parrot mentioning awful light conditions all the time. But, but it’s true, sorry.  Don’t go there in the evening if you want to capture a decent photograph.

brussels_090414_0684 (Large)

I was thinking should I post this next photo or not… I want to ban smoking there! Yeah… if only I had a power to ban anything…

brussels_100414_0434 (Large)

Just to give you some sense about how big those majestic the doors are I’ll post a phone snap one of my colleagues took of me while I was trying to photograph a bust that lives there :)


The Palace of Justice was built between 1866 and 1883 by the architect Joseph Poelaert. It took 20 years to be completed. It covers 260,000 square feet and it is the largest building constructed in the 19th century. This guy Leopold II apparently loved to build big! You can click here (Wikipedia) if you want to see a bit more because I’m aware that my pictures certainly don’t say much.

What do you think…. would the architect and the king be pleased with this use of their construction? (see photo bellow) Oh, I do feel bad posting this… but… it’s the truth…

brussels_100414_0214 (Large)

Don’t pay attention on that pol. It was a huge pain to clone it out.

Anyway, the next time I go there, I’ll be certainly entering in the Palace during the day and take my time while photographing one of the most interesting places I’ve seen.


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  1. Patrick Bingbang June 24, 2014 - Reply

    I am glad that you enjoyed your little trip in our city. Through your pictures, you managed to convey the pharaonic aspect of this building. A quite impressive one, indeed.

    • mmaria June 25, 2014 - Reply

      Hey Patrick!

      You’re too kind!
      I really wish I had more time for exploring Brussels.

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