Dr. Phil about Misophonia

Well, we Misophonia people are pretty much shaken with his presentation of our “disorder” or however you wish to call it.

First of all, I don’t watch Dr.Phil usually, I watched this episode because Misophonia is being mentioned. Unfortunately, his interpretation of this condition has turned out to be misleading to others. In my opinion, he memorized a few text lines he found out on the web (not he, someone from his staff, he doesn’t have the time for browsing the web), probably Wikipedia, and told that. It’s a shame though, he could really help someone.

I just hope that some people who watched this show will recognize themselves in the terms of suffering from Misophonia and try to find some legitimate information about this condition.

On the other hand, maybe we should to thank him for mentioning Misophonia on his show? No matter that he didn’t do it properly, his show is watched by many people. So, looking that way I’m sure that someone who watched him recognized himself as a Misophonia sufferer and that would be one good thing that came out his show. Back to the negativeness…

Here is the show I’m talking about. The segment about Misophonia starts somewhere about 29 minutes into the show.

You can clearly notice how he’s not even listening to her. He listen to his own voice. He’s a businessman and a showmen. The way he mentioned narcissism, neurofeedback and everything else  as a matter of fact just tells us that he doesn’t have a clue about what is he talking about.

He could read a bit instead of just memorizing some text lines and say them as he was on a recital.  Really, Dr. Phil, I mean, really?

Now people will probably think something demeaning about Misophonia.

He also had one more episode in which Misophonia is mentioned, a few years ago. I didn’t watch it so I can’t tell anything about it.

I don’t watch him or his show, as I already said. I watched that part of the show because it’ about Misophonia.  I’m disappointed, at least.

The damage is done, and all we can do now is to chose to look from the other  side of this whole mess, maybe his mentioning of Misophonia will help someone in other ways. 

There is a message board on his website and some people weren’t nice when commenting  about Sydney (the woman in the show) and her husband. Some people just like to call others nuts. What a horrible thing to do. But anyway, I also went there and posted few words as a support for her and her husband.

“First of all thank you for having enough courage to speak out loud.
Don’t be bothered by people who don’t want to understand and make some effort to really see what is the issue here.
I suffer from Misophonia and just recently discovered about other people who have same reactions on certain sounds.
I hope that your mentioning about Misophonia would raise some awareness about that condition, at least.
You have a great husband too. I wish I have same support, but I really don’t!
I also recently started blog about my experience wit Misophonia, to kind of let more people know what is like to be under that burden www.soundsofshutter.com

We can all just hope that something good will come out of this!

Wish you and your family all the best!”

Oh my God, my English sucks! Sorry people!

There’s one thing I want to share with you regarding this subject. It’s an article written by Wendy Aron. Here’s her short biography I copied from her blog.

 “Wendy Aron is a professional writer that has suffered from misophonia since she was ten years old. Her work has appeared in The New York Times andNewsweek, as well as on Pick the Brain, Elephant Journal, The Change Blogand IndieReader. Wendy is a traditionally-published comic memoirist and an award-winning humorist (Society of Professional Journalists). She is also a produced playwright and scriptwriter.”

She put it much better then I could, so here’s the link for her article When Dr.Phil Airs, Should We forgive?

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