My 6D is here

My 6D is here

My 6D  has just arrived. It was on a long journey and finally come to me.

It’s my first upgrade actually and a great one too. It feels so comfortable holding it in one hand and settings are on good places, I’m saying all this because my hands are experiencing huge body/settings difference between my Oly and my 6D.

Would you believe me if I tel you that I can’t remember last time I was happy about some material thing? I don’t get excited about material things. Those are just objects, they don’t influence on my happiness. Of course they make my life a bit easier but not happier at all. Well, that mindset don’t apply when I’m thinking about 6D. I’m happy I got 6D. Can’t wait to try it.

I decided to go with 6D because of its low light performance, that was the most important feature I needed. I missed so many opportunities because my Oly sucks in anything but perfect light conditions.

For the first lens I considered 35mm f2 and 50mm f1.4. I knew what I wanted from a lens, for now, but I couldn’t decide myself between 50 and 35 because either one of them wasn’t exactly what I need. Somehow I overlooked that pancake lens and when I found it I decided almost immediately. I’ve read a tones of reviews and seen same number of comparisons for mentioned lenses and in the end I decided to go with pancake for its price/quality ratio.

I mind zooms for their sharpness and distortion. I like them because they’ll give me more versatility and they’re logic choice for the first lens of course. After spending so much time with zooms I’m ready for a prime. Especially because I found myself want to use a zoom only where I know is the sharpest. I’m tired of zooms. I have 12-60mm Zuiko digital, (that’s equivalent to 24-120mm) and it’s a great lens… but I want a prime for now. Maybe I’ll feel different in a few years, but doubt it…we’ll see…

The zoom I would get is 24-70 2.8 but don’t have money for it.

Here’s some explanation why I choose that 40/2.8.
It’s an inexpensive lens with good quality for that money. I haven’t read anything bad about this lens.
It’s wide enough for occasional landscapes/panorama I’m going to be shooting for a website.
Wide enough for environmental portraits that I shoot.
It’s light, small, and great walk around lens.
No pronounced distortion, sharp even at 2.8, vignetting is there but ok it can be easily fixed in pp.

If I didn’t have a budget I would go with 35/2, 50/1.4, 85/1.8 and those lenses pretty much cover my wants and needs. But I can’t afford them right now.

The bad thing with 6D is… no more excuses!

About the photo: taken with Olympus e520 in a light tent cube with natural light.

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