Words and Photography

I want to learn skills in everything I do, as much as possible or as much as my capabilities will allow me. That is who I am as a person. In writing, photography and in everything else actually, one should now basic principles in order to pass the message without unnecessary mess. Communicating in a foreign language f.e. One has to learn some basic grammar in order to communicate better…

My photography investment choices

My photography investment choices

My camera is Olympus e520 and I’ve been using it for about 5 years now. My friend bought it for me because I didn’t know anything about photography and he “knows about technology”. (after I got interested in photography and had some chances to try a Canon/Nikon dslr I found that my Oly is not that good…but, it is mine and for that it is the best.) So I’ve been…

Welcome to my blog!

Wander around a bit, maybe you’ll find that we share some feelings and have some mutual interests. You’re more then welcome to write your opinions, agreements or disagreements, experiences and else and to ask me whatever you want to know that I could help you with. Hope I’ll see you again!